Our led lamps can be used for more then just night Lights. 

They Make Great Cake Toppers!

Look for our cake topper disk that will turn your led light into a cake topper. The disk is clear and sits on your frosted (or unfrosted) cake and your led light will rest on top of that! 

They make Great Displays!

Use your Decora Light to dress up mantels, holiday displays, gift tables, candy stations, game rooms, mancaves, businesses, restaurants, covered patios, and can be used in all your celebrations. 

Great Bathroom Light!

Have little ones that are having issues with a dark bathroom at night- no worries, Decora Lights make the bathroom more inviting to use when its dark at night. 

Remembrance and Awards 

A Decora Light can be make into a remembrance for a loved one, pet or event. They can also be make into special awards that need to stand out. 


As you can see Decora Lights can be used in almost any situation or gifted to just about anyone!  Reach out and let us know how we can make a custom made light for you!